Welcome to the St. Teresa of Calcutta School!

As part of your interest in our school, I thought you might like to know a little about us. We are a preschool through eighth grade elementary school with a diverse student population that pulls from nine surrounding cities and towns. As part of the Diocese of Fall River, our goal is to educate in the spirit of Christ with the expectation of excellence as a Catholic school governed by the pastors, led by the principal, and overseen by our parents.

St. Teresa of Calcutta School’s existence and purpose is to communicate the teaching of God’s message, to encourage daily prayer, and to develop the academic and spiritual growth of each child. We strive to provide a school climate which is cognizant of the needs of children to develop spiritually, academically, emotionally and physically.

We set forth the challenge to forge in each child an awareness of God, an identity of self-worth, and the concern for the needs of others. We, as a family, strive to teach as Jesus did… with love and compassion for one another. The St. Teresa of Calcutta School family strives to live as a Christian Community which involves the growth and development of each person concerned: the faculty, the student, and his/her family.

This growth and development, while rooted in our duty to Jesus and our Catholic faith, is dedicated to enabling our students to become adept scholars of Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science. St. Teresa of Calcutta School, filled with God’s unconditional love, educates young persons to take responsibility for their lives.

The profile of a STOC graduate is one that learns to contribute his/her creative skills and critical thinking to the lifelong process of personal growth for the betterment of a loving and caring community. We look forward to welcoming you and your family into the St. Teresa of Calcutta family!

God Bless,

Cristina Viveiros-Serra