As we bring together two distinct and unique school communities, the development of a united mission is a critical step in the success of this new school.  Thus, we are committed to bringing together stakeholders from both Holy Family Holy Name and St. James St. John to go through the process of creating this new mission statement.  Much can be learned from this process that will strengthen and bond this new Catholic school family together. 



Saint Teresa of Calcutta School views education as involving the whole person in an environment of faith, hope, and love which is centered on the values taught in the Gospels of Jesus Christ.  We recognize each student as unique in gifts, interests and needs, and we strive to educate each child spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially, and physically.

Saint Teresa of Calcutta School is a community of learners, teachers, parents, staff and resource persons who strive to make Christian Community not only a concept to be taught, but a reality to be lived and experienced daily.  We believe we are called to create an environment and charism where each child is encouraged to grow and develop to his/her greatest potential, while also empowering them to go forth and meet the challenges and needs of an ever changing world.