Girls in grades K – 5:

  • School Jumper
  • white buttoned down peter pan collar shirt or maroon, navy, or white polo
  • white, navy blue, or maroon socks
  • brown or black shoes (Sperry’s are acceptable)

Girls in grades 6 – 8:

  • School skirt
  • white, navy, or maroon Polo
  • white, navy or maroon knee socks
  • brown or black shoes (Sperry’s are acceptable)


  • white, navy, or maroon Polo
  • Khaki dress slacks
  • Belt
  • brown or black shoes (Sperry’s are acceptable)


  • Girls entering grade 8 will have the option to wear a khaki skirt rather than purchasing the new plaid skirt.
  • Polo shirts do not need logo.
  • Gym Uniform must be purchased through Lands’ End
  • Girl’s plaid Jumper and plaid skirt must be purchased through Donnelly’s

GYM CLOTHES (Required)

Sneakers and School Gym Uniform:

  • For identification and safety purposes, new school T-shirt or sweatshirt is to be worn.
  • Sweatpants/sweat shorts: with logo gym uniform purchased through Lands’ End.
  • Sneakers are to be tied in the traditional manner.
  • Maroon and blue


Lands’ End Uniform Ordering Info*

*Purchase Jumpers and Skirts through Donnelly’s




August through October 1st and sometime in May through June

 All students are allowed to wear the following items:

  • white, navy, or maroon polo shirt (short sleeve)
  • Khaki dress shorts/skorts (no cargo shorts allowed)
  • Sneakers
  • White socks(no show socks are not acceptable)


  • Khaki dress slacks (girls)
  • white, navy or maroon Polo long sleeve
  • white, navy or maroon socks
  • Brown or black shoes (Sperry’s are acceptable)