Each student attending Saint Teresa of Calcutta School in grades K-8 will be attired in the complete and exact uniform as described by the Principal in the Parent/Student Handbook. All staff members are expected to enforce the uniform code. No deviations in the uniform will be allowed, except in specific situations as approved by the Principal.

All prescribed articles of clothing must be worn all day or the student will be considered to be “out of uniform.” It is a parental responsibility to work with the staff of Saint Teresa of Calcutta School to ensure that the child is in the proper uniform each day. The parent must notify the school, in writing, each time the child is not in complete uniform. The reason for non-compliance and when non-compliance will be corrected must be given in the notification. In the absence of this notification, the parents will be informed of the uniform violation immediately, giving them the opportunity to remedy the situation by bringing the proper uniform item(s) to school.

Repeated non-compliance to the established uniform code will result in disciplinary action. Whenever necessary, the appropriateness, cleanliness, and neatness of student attire and accessories will be determined at the sole discretion of the Principal. 

The administration may call special dress days or make exceptions to the following required uniforms, in which you will be notified in writing.


  • An optional uniform is available for all students in PK3 and PK4
  • Clothing should be neat, easy for preschoolers to wear, and allow for free movement.
  • Layering works well as it is sometimes very warm in our classroom.
  • Preschoolers may wear sneakers.
  • Please provide proper clothing for each season. During the winter months your child must have a warm coat, hat, mittens and boots in order to take part in outside play.


There are three (3) dress codes that are allowed at Saint Teresa of Calcutta School. There is a Regular, Summer, and Winter code.


Girls in grades K – 5:

  • School Jumper/Khaki Pants
  • Modesty shorts for under jumper and skirt
  • White buttoned down peter pan collar shirt or maroon, navy, or white polo
  • White, navy blue, or maroon socks
  • Brown or black shoes (Sperry’s are acceptable)

 Girls in grades 6 – 8:

  • School skirt/Khaki Pants
  • Modesty shorts for under jumper and skirt
  • White, navy, or maroon Polo
  • White, navy or maroon knee socks
  • Brown or black shoes (Sperry’s are acceptable)

Boys in grades K – 8:

  • White, navy, or maroon Polo 
  • Khaki dress slacks
  • Belt
  • Brown or black shoes (Sperry’s are acceptable)

GYM CLOTHES (Required)

Sneakers and School Gym Uniform

  • For identification and safety purposes, school T-shirts or sweatshirts are to be worn.
  • Sweatpants/sweat shorts: with logo gym uniform purchased through Donnelly’s or Land’s End.
  • Sneakers are to be tied in the traditional manner.
  • Maroon and blue



August through October 1st and sometime in May through June

 All students are allowed to wear the following items:

  • White, navy, or maroon polo shirt (short sleeve)
  • Khaki dress shorts/skorts (no cargo shorts allowed)
  • Sneakers
  • White, Maroon, or Navy socks (no show socks are not acceptable)


  • Khaki dress slacks (girls)
  • White, navy or maroon polo long sleeve
  • White, navy or maroon socks
  • Brown or black shoes (Sperry’s are acceptable)




  • Polo shirts do not need logos.
  • Gym Uniform must be purchased through Donnelly’s Uniform or Lands End
  • Girl’s plaid Jumper and plaid skirt must be purchased through Donnelly’s

Lands’ End Uniform Ordering

Donnelly’s Uniform Ordering